Chen Style 36 Forms
Presented by Daniel Baranowski
April 7-9, 2017

Life Balance Yoga & Wellness
71 Faulkner Street Suite 10
N. Billerica, MA

Workshop Tuition
$250 - Attending All 3 Days
$200 - Attending 2 Days
$150 - Attending 1 Day

Chen Style 36 Forms

Characterized by softness and hardness complementing each other, fastness and slowness intermixed, Chen style is more vigorous and powered by a sophisticated spiral force (chan suu jin). This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in learning Chen style tai chi. Time will be spent learning chen style stances and stepping, a portion of the form, and how to apply essential tai chi principles to these movements.  It is encouraged, but not strictly necessary, to work with Dr. Paul Lam’s Chen 36 Instructional DVD prior to the workshop.  It can be ordered through Tai Chi Productions;


Daniel Baranowski found tai chi almost by accident and has been hooked ever since.  In addition to teaching several classes in his community, Daniel is an instructor at Better Health Tai Chi Chuan; a non-profit school in Sydney, Australia founded by Dr. Paul Lam.  Daniel has trained closely with Dr. Paul Lam and Ian Etcell, and Janet Cromb.  Daniel is an experienced teacher and enjoys helping people develop and deepen their understanding of the forms.  

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Daniel Baranowski demonstrating the Chen Style 36 Forms

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